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August 20, 2012 by blogmasterjdeam

Here is the plan: for the next 100 days (starting today) I will practice at least two limbs of yoga for each day.  I will report back to you.  Maybe you’d like to join me, maybe not.  I will try to be witty, but will often fail.  Try not to hold that against me.

Some of you already know the eight limb of yoga, so play along well I tell the people who don’t.  Although the titles are in a language most of us don’t speak, I will use English where necessary.

1)  Yamas (note: spell check says _______ which is their word for WT cuss word?)

a)  Compassion for all living things

b)  Commitment to Truthfulness

c)  Not Stealing

d)  Sense Control

e)  Neutralizing the desire to acquire and hold wealth

2)  Niyama

a)  Purity

b)  Contentment

c)  Disciplined use of our energy

d)  Self-study

e)  Celebration of the spiritual

3)  Asana.  This is what we Americans usually think of as Yoga.  It actually refers only to the physical movements we do, like standing on one leg, etc.  Each day I  vow to listen to my body and let it lead me to what it needs.  That will be tricky, I admit.  But how better to know?

4)  Pranayama.  This means breath control.  I will explain when we get to that part.

5)  Pratyahara.  See above

6)  Dharana.  Again, above.

7)  Dyhana.  Once again, see above.

8)  Samadhi.  I don’t think I’ll get there, so don’t worry about it.

DAY ONE begins:

I’ve chosen to practice Compassion today.  The sanskrit word is Ahimsa (in case it comes up on a test later.)  Today I will treat everyone (including myself) with kindness, friendliness and thoughtfulness.  Incidentally, this means all living beings.  (So much for that chicken sandwich for lunch.)  For my asana practice I will go back to basics: Sun Salutations.  If you’d like to follow along, simply go to YouTube.com where there are many illustrations.  I was told by a yoga instructor once that all you need is twenty minutes a day of Sun Salutations to call it good.  If you are following along, don’t forget to add the corpse pose at the end.  I’ll try to give myself five minutes of that one.

With great compassion to all, Chris


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