100 Days of Yoga, Day 39


September 29, 2012 by blogmasterjdeam

Diana Ross
September 28, 2012 at 10:11 am

Very brave and honest. I wonder if the next step is to accept ourselves when we do say something embarrassing or stupid (which did not necessarily happen in your case, but you know what I mean. There’s a difference between realizing someone who insulted us deserves our forgiveness and forgiving ourselves for not being perfect.) I think a big part of the equation is to acknowledge we’re going to be wrong sometimes, and sometimes in front of a room of people, and be ok with that and go on. Sometimes it seems to be a combination of the two: forgiving the trespasser and forgiving ourselves. D 

This post from yesterday could not have been more timely.  How many of you caught the error of yesterday when I stated Einstein’s theory: E=mc2?  I sure wish I had.  First of all, I will own my own stupidity and embarrassment and I will graciously tell you I SCREWED UP!  

Although I don’t like the word “should” I don’t know of another to take its place right now, so … you should also know, I ALWAYS have a proofreader for my blog.  Always.  Without exception.  Last night my proofreader was my husband Mike.  He has a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Kansas (No, don’t go Jayhawks!) as well as an MBA from the same institution.  I figured I was pretty safe with the physics stuff.  Ha Ha Ha.  When there is a lesson to be learned, it will be learned no matter what the situation. (BTW, my proofreader was watching television and looking for spelling and grammatical errors, not content.)

As some of my more astute readers pointed out — “what the hell are you talking about?” — but, not me.  I went to bat on my quote.  Oh, silly me.  I was quite wrong and I am willing to own up to it.  I forgive my proofreader, and I forgive myself.  In this case, it was pretty easy to forgive myself because (I figured) I can blame someone else.  But that is exactly where the above post comes into play.  Why in the world did I expect my proofreader to pick up such a huge error (yes, yes, I’ll get to the real theory in a moment.)?  That is what GOOGLE is for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Frankly, my proofreader couldn’t have been expected to catch that one.  That was totally on me.


So, please go back and delete “Einstein’s theory of E=mc2” and replace it with: Newton’s First Law of Thermodynamics “that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.”  Damn it, I hate when I make mistakes.  (oops, there I go again.)


But yet, if we don’t make mistakes how are we to learn?  And what in the world is there to be embarrassed about?  Yea me, I tried something, I made a mistake, I own my mistake and the whole incident is behind me.


and finally:

Zero Circle
by: Rumi (Version by Coleman Barks)

Be helpless, dumbfounded,
Unable to say yes or no.
Then a stretcher will come from grace
  to gather us up.

We are too dull-eyed to see that beauty.
If we say we can, we’re lying.
If we say No, we don’t see it,
That No will behead us
And shut tight our window onto spirit.

So let us rather not be sure of anything,
Beside ourselves, and only that, so
Miraculous beings come running to help.
Crazed, lying in a zero circle, mute,
We shall be saying finally,
With tremendous eloquence, Lead us.
When we have totally surrendered to that beauty,
We shall be a mighty kindness.

As always, thank you for being with me, Chris


2 thoughts on “100 Days of Yoga, Day 39

  1. Diana Ross says:

    Einstein is boring. That’s why no one caught the error. They skipped over that part. Newton isn’t as boring because of the whole apple thing. At least there’s something to visualize there. With Einstein, all that comes to mind is a chalkboard. Blah.

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