100 Days of Yoga, Day 40

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September 30, 2012 by blogmasterjdeam

Mohandas (a/k/a Mahatma) Gandhi, when asked by a reporter what his message was, replied: “MY LIFE IS MY MESSAGE.”

Life is unfolding in amazing ways for me in just the forty days I’ve been writing this blog.  One of the things becoming clearer everyday, is the above quote by Gandhi.  All I can do is live according to the teachings from my guru: LOVE EVERYONE, SERVE EVERYONE, TELL THE TRUTH, REMEMBER GOD, which translates to: live as if my life is my message.

As I become more awake, I can see this is not so different from what it takes to be a good parent: we set the example we want our children to model.  When we are caught up in the drama, the unsavory emotions, the fear, no matter how young our child, those emotions will be transmitted to them.  They will begin to model whatever behavior we show.  This, too, is karma.

If we did not receive good parenting ourselves, it is hard for us to know how to parent.  We must swim through all the gunk in our minds, in order to get to a place of absolute clarity and then, reflect that behavior back to our children.  I consider parenting to be the most difficult job in the world.

It is hard to live life without an agenda.  It is even harder to live life without attachments.  When we have agendas and attachments, we get stuck.  This process of freeing ourselves from these two things is metaphorically called “peeling the onion.”  An onion, unless sliced, comes off layer after layer — usually with a lot of tears involved.  This is the process of spiritually waking up for me.

I am given lessons from the people I’ve chosen to travel on this journey with, and I need to have the ability to discern when the lesson is appropriate and take it — and let me tell you how much letting go of ego there is in that process — or somehow ascertaining the lesson being given is not the truth, it is part of someone else’s agenda or attachment.

But the thing is, we all know when something happens that we’re supposed to learn from.  We feel it in our bones.  This is that moment, and we also know if we don’t take the lesson then, it will keep coming back until we do get it.  If we just do a quick review of our lives we can see situations where we could have learned something big a long time ago.  BUT, here is the takeaway:  We don’t get the lesson until we have the skills necessary to get the lesson.  In other words, we can’t understand calculus until we’ve grasped algebra.  There is a reason there are pre-requisites to higher level classes.

And the other part is, we can’t sit frozen, unable to move forward, for fear of making a mistake.  We make mistakes, all of us.  If we didn’t, we wouldn’t need to be here in Earth school.  Making mistakes is part of the learning process.  So we make mistakes until we learn better.  We don’t look back at them with regret because we must absolutely know that the alternative was worse.

And while I’m on the subject, sometimes the best thing we can do is nothing.  Not forever, but for that moment.  Doing nothing is a decision too — as long as doing nothing is not coming from a place of fear.  When we are stuck in fear, we’ve run off the road and we’re stuck in the ditch.

So back to Mahatma Gandhi: for me making my life my message means mindfully, living in the moment, not anticipating the future or regretting the past.  The past is over, the future doesn’t exist.  All there is, is now.

With kindest regards and my hope for your undying happiness, Chris


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