100 Days of Yoga, Day 68


October 28, 2012 by blogmasterjdeam

My particular path is what is called Guru Kripa, or the Grace of the Guru.  I figured, secretly, you wanted to know. (reference: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid)

I am fortunate to have found my path, as doing so can be difficult.  As it turns out, however, my path found me.  But that is a story for another time.  I believe each of us has a path, as we’ve discussed before, but finding our path isn’t always easy.  It is why we practice asana.  Practicing asana (or what we term ‘yoga’ in the West) is a process that allows us to figure out who we are.

When we first start the practice of yoga, there is a tendency to compare ourselves to others, particularly people who have been doing yoga for a long time, an instructor, someone stronger, more flexible, better dressed, more blissful, whatever it is we envy.  But if we stick with it, in time we learn that yoga is a very personal matter, just like our religion.  For example, I don’t think a Christian would go around saying I’m a better Christian than you.  That seems to me to be quite the antithesis of Christianity.

Yoga, however, is not a religion, but it can be looked at in the same way as the example I just gave.  In yoga we are not competing to be better than someone else, we are walking a very personal path with the goal of coming awake.  

Eventually the practice of yoga breaks us down so that we accept ourselves where we are, as we are.  This is why yoga teachers keep telling us this is our practice, not our neighbors.  Eventually we stop comparing ourselves to others and start going inward, and as we go inward we begin to discover our true nature.

Our true nature, who we really are, is what leads us to our path in this life.  My path is to Love everyone, Serve everyone, Remember God & Tell the Truth.

When I am truly in my practice there is no lack of happiness.  When I am truly in my practice there is no searching, grasping, clinging, desiring — I am simple present, continually putting out the VIBE of my practice.  I am happiest when I am serving others.  Serving brings me to a place of love.  When I am in that place of love I see everyone as God.  This is the Truth I’ve been taught: We are here to love every being as God, because every being is God.

Defining God is difficult, as we’ve discussed before.  For me I think of God as the ocean and we beings (whom we perhaps think of as individuals) as drops of water.  The ocean doesn’t exist without the drops of water and the drops of water don’t exist without the ocean.  I spent so many years turning this question of God over and over in my mind — going back to what I learned as a child, unable to reconcile it with what I was learning on my path.  The above explanation is the best description for me.  You will need to find your own, I suspect, if you are interested in needing a definition.

And then there is the Zen approach (as I understand it,) the question is irrelevant.

For those of you with children at home, here is a ‘Time Out’ guided meditation by The Honest Guys.  It is copy written, so we are just borrowing it for six minutes.

Yours in light and love, Chris


2 thoughts on “100 Days of Yoga, Day 68

  1. amy annis says:

    Love this. Printing it off so I can share some of your words with my classes. Thanks.

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