100 Days of Yoga, Day 78


November 7, 2012 by blogmasterjdeam

If we take knowing God as being always as in meditation, as you act all day long in choiceless awareness—as being clear with no judgments, no opinions, no clinging, no pushing and pulling, no this nor that—we will experience what it means to know and be in God. ~ Ram Dass

Rather than dwelling in the past, turning over and over in my mind the mistakes I’ve made, today I choose to release them into the Universe. They are done. I cannot change the decision I’ve already made, so today I choose to wipe the slate clean. I am born anew, free from my past.

Today, rather than anticipate the future, have on-going dialogues in my head about situations which could, or could not arise, I choose to stop thinking about the future. Today, I choose to replace any thoughts of the future with mantra. I choose to be peacefully, perfectly only in this moment.

Situations arise: late airplanes, traffic, bills to pay … ah, the stuff of life. I am on autopilot. My instinct knows what to do. There is no need for drama — why add to the chaos? I will step outside my brain and watch it perform the tasks necessary at the time. I will not be the tasks, nor will I be the drama. I am only the witness. I will meet every situation with an open heart, which, really, is all I have to give.

In this moment, I am completely free. No thoughts keep me in jail. Why would I want to go back into the jail of my mind when I can be in the perfection of this moment? In this moment I am JOY. In this moment I am PEACE. In this moment I am COMPASSION. In this moment I AM LOVE. What more is there?


Yours completely, Chris


2 thoughts on “100 Days of Yoga, Day 78

  1. maria says:

    Life goes on. Drama or not, we choose how we are going not live. Thank you. m.

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