100 Days of Yoga, Day 96


November 25, 2012 by blogmasterjdeam

As if I needed another reason to be on this path, I’ve actually discovered something else really wonderful. Having found myself to be “enough” I have now found everyone else to be as well.

I notice the small things more: my husband headed out in 15 degree weather to turn on extra heat for the chickens; people going out of their way to help me in some small way that they’ve probably been doing all along, but I didn’t notice; the general outpouring of kindness and goodness for no obvious reason.

Am I imagining this, or was it always this way? Here is what I know for sure: what you give you get. Something in me has shifted that I can’t see, yet the people with whom I interact, can. It is probably not a surface or visual thing, it is probably something on an energetic level. When you give peace, you get peace in return. When you give love, you get love.

People have been singing and writing about this phenomena for who knows how long, but until you actually feel it inside you it is just another observation.

I watched Ram Dass sit on the beach in Maui and smile and wave at everyone who passed by. Most did not see him. That didn’t matter to him, he continued doing so. Finally I realized, he wasn’t smiling and waving for them, he was doing so for himself. Whether the person acknowledged him or not was irrelevant. He was saying the equivalent of NAMASTE to each of them.

When we say Namaste at the end of a yoga class, first to the teacher and then to one another, we are not saying it based on getting a response. We are saying Namaste because the feeling behind the word connects us. The word Namaste reminds us, we really are all one.

In our culture, we don’t pass people on the street, put our hands to our hearts in prayer position, bow our heads and acknowledge one another with the word Namaste, but we can do something more fitting to our culture: we can smile and say hello. If people don’t respond, that’s their business. Smiling and saying hello to others simply makes me happier. Putting the expectation of getting a response makes me less happy. Why have the expectation?


Yours, with the knowledge WE ARE ALL ONE, Chris


2 thoughts on “100 Days of Yoga, Day 96

  1. maria says:

    so very true. m.

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