100 Days of Yoga, Day 97


November 26, 2012 by blogmasterjdeam

It helps me to remember we are all struggling here at Earth School – it’s a tough gig. No one gets out alive. And no one gets out without suffering. We all suffer. There is no lesser or greater degree of suffering. None of us can say we’ve suffered more than anyone else.

If we could read the secret histories

of our enemies, we should find in

each mans life, sorrow and

suffering enough

to disarm all hostility.

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

With this knowledge, why is it so hard to cut someone else some slack? So many times I’ve come unglued in traffic, in trying to find a parking place, and over so many small things. Couldn’t I see the suffering in others? I couldn’t then, I could only see my own. It is not a “dog eat dog” world, unless we make it so. We get to choose.

During the many days of this journey I’ve noticed there is some phenomena I don’t quite understand: when I cut someone else some slack, as it were, sometime later I am rewarded in the same way. It is like there is some logic to this system. The benefit might not come to me immediately, but if I pay attention, it will show up later.

So why make life so hard? What difference does it make if you let someone else cut in line in traffic? Will you really be late or is it about something else? For me, it was about something else. There was some competitive thing in me that made it so I felt like I would be less than, if I gave in.

We were all taught better. We were taught to share, to be kind and respectful, to not throw trash on the ground, because someone else would have to pick it up. We were taught to be good people. How is it some of us forgot that?

Life is meant to grind us down, to polish off our rough edges, to make us into something better. I’ve spent most of my life treating these incidents of potential learning as injustices. I see now that, all along, those apparent hardships, were gifts. There was no wrong done to me, there was only life doing what life is supposed to do. Earth is a school. We are here to learn. I’ve had to learn to go with the flow, instead of creating more suffering by refusing to learn the lesson being given.

It is the same way with Karma. We are all here just burning off Karma, trying to get to the next place. Would we really begrudge someone that? We really are all in this together. We really are all connected. We can’t kid ourselves about that. Everyone (everyone!) is our sister or brother.

When I live the Eight Limbs of Yoga my life works, even the suffering. I will let life teach me because my higher self has determined it is time for the next lesson. I now have the knowledge I am ready to learn the lesson being presented, and that I will keep getting the lesson over and over again until I finally understand it.


Merrily yours, Chris


2 thoughts on “100 Days of Yoga, Day 97

  1. maria says:

    This life is truly what we make it. It does not have to be hard unless we make it so. Suffering is going to happen…it is another way to say – you are alive! m.

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